Very nice week at Harborside – Lauren C, NJ

My family very much enjoyed our time at Harborside. We were very happy that it was one of the quieter places to stay, yet was an easy walk from all the other areas that had more hustle and bustle. This came in handy on the days that weren’t great beach/pool weather. We could easily walk to the larger hotels to check out the aquariums, etc., and take the bus back (which was one of my son’s biggest thrills).

We also enjoyed how spacious the room was. It was nice to be able to spread out and not be confined to one room, but rather to have a nice bedroom, with a lovely harbor view (our son loved looking at the boats), roomy bathroom and also a living room. While we didn’t spend much time in the room, when we did, it was nice to not feel on top of each other – AND I did all our laundry before we left, which was a huge time saver for me once we got home!

The staff was extremely helpful and friendly and always willing to help us and answer any questions.

Our only disappointment was the food. Obviously this has nothing to do with your team, and it was nice to be warned up front on the website, but we did go through some sticker shock when our food bill came (which says something since we came from NYC!) after our dinners. However, it was nice to have breakfast in our room each morning to ease in to our day vs always having to go out to eat. Again, the tips on your website to forgo the all inclusive option, and to try and pack cereal and snacks from home was most helpful.

Overall our time at Harborside was very pleasant. It was a very nice week that we got to spend together as a family 🙂

Many thanks for all of your help with the initial steps during our booking process!