Paradise Shopping Village at Atlantis Bahamas

Right outside the Atlantis Bahamas Resort lies the Paradise Shopping Village, a staple for guests staying at the Harborside Resort. Directly across the street from the Marina Village, the shopping center is just a short walk from the Harborside Resort at Atlantis and is home to many quaint and affordable shops and restaurants. Shopping and dining at Atlantis Bahamas doesn’t have to be overly expensive with easily accessible off-resort locations like this. 

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind gifts, there are several shops like the Tortuga Rum Factory that boast a great variety of local souvenirs.  Right around the corner from Paradise Shopping Village is the Bahamas Craft Center, where you can find truly unique Bahamian crafts and enjoy bartering and watching the artisans work.

The shopping center also conveniently houses a Pharmacy and Mini Mart which are extremely helpful for picking up the necessities you forgot at home or grabbing some inexpensive snacks.

Other shops include Dunkin’ Donuts and Bristol Cellars Wine & Liquor Store which offers reasonably priced and duty free alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. The most popular attraction at the Village is Anthony’s Grill, a sit down restaurant that serves a fantastic range of delicious dishes from American burgers to Caribbean seafood.

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Most importantly, the Paradise Shopping Center offers the Village Grocery Store. While staying at Harborside Resort at Atlantis Bahamas you are provided with a fully functional kitchen and we recommend putting it to good use. The grocery store provides everything you need to prepare a quality meal for your entire family any time of day and for a fraction of the cost of Atlantis Resort meals. Even just making a simple breakfast every morning can save your family a lot of money, as well as allowing you to enjoy the first meal of the day in the comfort of your room. Take a look at the Condos here!

The Paradise Shopping Village is a great place for affordable gifts, food, and necessities, so don’t forget stop by while you’re enjoying your stay at the Harborside Resort at Atlantis Bahamas!

Anthonys Atlantis Bahamas
Anthony’s Restaurant at Paradise Shopping Plaza at Atlantis Bahamas