The Dig at Atlantis Bahamas

The Incredible Dig at Atlantis

Atlantis is home to the world famous “Dig,” a long, underground aquarium that stretches beneath the Atlantis Resort’s Aquaventure park. While at Atlantis you will notice that there are several pools and tanks with countless species of tropical fish and exotic creatures of the sea. The Dig gives you a much more incredible view of these exhibits by walking you right through the middle of them!

The Dig begins in the lobby of the Royal Towers and introduces you to the myth of the lost city of Atlantis while leading you through the ancient tunnels of the city, filled with fascinating artifacts. Marine life exhibits showcase colorful fish and sharks swimming through the ruins and relics of the lost city, inhabiting the abandoned rooms, vaults, and chambers left behind by the mysterious Atlanteans.

The Dig provides an amazing view to the habitats of a hundred beautiful yet venomous lionfish, five hundred piranhas, six-foot eels, nine species of huge groupers, and glowing jellyfish. Smaller “Jewel Habitats” are home to brilliantly colored tropical fish, such as Cuban Hogfish, Queen Angelfish, and Rock Beauty Holacanthus Tricolor. Charming clown fish and sea horses inhabit tanks filled with colorful coral set in the tunnel walls.

If you time your visit right, you can participate in the interactive touch tank aquarium, where you can experience touching conch, starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, crabs and horseshoe crabs! Schedule a Behind The Myth tour to discover even more secrets hidden within in the Dig and decode the Atlantean Hieroglyphics.

The Dig is unlike anything that you have ever seen before and is truly unique to the Atlantis Resort. Find out more about The Dig and other nature activities here. Admission to The Dig is free for those who have access to Atlantis’ Aquaventure, including all guests who choose to stay at the family friendly condos at Harborside Atlantis!

Whilst the Dig is the centerpiece of the marine attractions at Atlantis, many other marine attractions are spread across the resort. Outside of The Dig, the Predator Lagoon is definitely worth a visit. Visitors can walk across a rope bridge as predators swim below, then walk through a clear glass underwater tunnel and marvel at the sharks swimming overhead. The Hibiscus Lagoon is home to sea turtles, and if you time your visit right, you’ll be able to take part in a live turtle feeding!

The Dig, in addition to the other marine exhibits at Atlantis Bahamas, is ranked by visitors as the #1 thing to do on Paradise Island. Visit our Rates and Availability page today!



The Dig at Atlantis Bahamas
The Dig at Atlantis Bahamas