Harborside is The Place To Stay

Second trip to Atlantis – third if you count the day trip from the cruise boat that first got us hooked.

Went for a package on Expedia last year and everything was okay but I guess the rate was decent because it included the cheapest room at the resort – the “Terrace” level at The Beach Tower. By Terrace I guess they mean parking view?

Very small room, spartan room with zero amenities. Not something I usually care about since you do not spend much time in the room but having to walk a mile through the lobbies every time I wanted a coffee or coke was expensive and a pain.

But no matter, because once you go outside your room you are in Paradise. It is hard to explain just how large, exciting and beautiful this resort is.

Did a bit more research when there and found that the Coral was not much better – The Royal Towers were nicer with bigger rooms but started to get pricey. The Comfort Suites were – well Comfort Suites. It would be an $89 motel room if it did not include access to Atlantis. Also not on property. Maybe its me but I just felt like we would feel like second class citizens there.

The Cove is beautiful but the open LR and sunken bedroom (at least that is how it looks from the pictures) did not offer privacy for the family. Also, the “adult” pool had loud hip hop playing, and a couple of topless women at the pool while the “family pool” was empty. Maybe when the kids are not with us but not the place for us with the kids.

We thought the Harborside condos which Atlantis rated as their medium level accommodation would be perfect – it hit all the marks. Separate bedroom with TV so we do not all have to watch the same thing or go to bed at the same time, a kitchen so breakfast was cheap and convenient. We did not have to wait for kids to wake up to eat. Filled the fridge from the local shops – but found up later the shuttle to the market over the bridge would have been better.
Pleasant surprise to find a washer/dryer in the unit – did not realize what a convenience that is.

Only planned to stay 5 days but wound up booking a week through the Family Fun Harborside rental program because it was cheaper. Only stayed the five days though because weekend airfare was crazy expensive.

Next Summer we will book flights much earlier and stay the whole week.

Is Atlantis expensive? Every thing is relative. Our family are not huge eaters and drinkers so all inclusives are a bad deal for us. We want lots of fun activities and beautiful surroundings – all of that comes with the room rate. So for us, Atlantis compares very well to a typical resort where we usually spend a good bit on day trips after the kids tire of the resort.
Believe me, neither adults or kids will tire of all the on-resort free stuff to do.