Atlantis, Harborside Review – Chris G

In a resort as large and exciting as Atlantis, there are hundreds of things to rave about. There’s always a new place or activity to discover and explore.  The entire Atlantis Resort is like Sea World, a waterpark, and a tropical beach all rolled into one! For any adventure seekers out there, or for any family that wants the trip of a lifetime, the Atlantis Resort is the place to go. Atlantis is action packed, and there is always something going on for everyone. With countless slides, aquariums, beaches, performances, lazy (and not so lazy!) rivers, pools, and endless activities, your family will never be bored at Atlantis, Bahamas!

However all the excitement and activity of Atlantis can get tiring, and the Harborside, Atlantis resort is the perfect solution. When you stay at Harborside, you get all the crazy fun and excitement of Atlantis, but with a calm, low-key place to return in the evenings, or whenever your family just needs a relaxing break from all the action! While the pool doesn’t have all the wild attractions of the Atlantis pools, it is perfect for a quiet swim with the kids or soothing soak in the hot tub to unwind. Harborside is also right next to the beautiful Marina Village, filled with quaint storefronts and great places to eat (make sure to try Carmine’s and Bimini Road) which is convenient as well as a lot of fun!

The Atlantis Resort makes for an unbeatable family experience and Harborside at Atlantis makes it even better! You can experience all the excitement and action of Atlantis while still having relaxing Harborside to come back to whenever needed. All in all, Harborside and Atlantis are the perfect combination for a fun-filled vacation your family will never forget!